Trustlaw with Ha Tinh Intellectual Property Development Project “Building, Management and Development of Geographical Indication for “Nhung huou Huong Son (Huong Son Deer Young Antler)”

To implement Resolution No. 141/2015 / NQ-HDND dated 17 July 2015 of the Provincial People’s Council and Decision No. 3262 / QD-UBND dated 18 August 2015 on the approval of the Intellectual Property Development Assistance Project of Ha Tinh province in the period of 2015-2020. Decision No. 627/QĐ-UBND dated 06 March 2017 approving the list of tasks to implement the project on supporting the development of intellectual property in 2017. On 24 March 2017, Ha Tinh Department of Science and Technology held a meeting with Huong Son District People’s Committee discussing the building of geographical indication of “Nhung Huou Huong Son (Huong Son Deer Young Antler)”. Attending the meeting were Mr. Do Khoa Van – Member of The Standing Committee, Director of Department of Science and Technology and leaders of specialized departments under the Department; Mr. Tran Binh Than – Vice Chairman of Huong Son District People’s Committee and leaders of the Chambers of Economy – Infrastructure, Agriculture and Rural Development under the District People’s Committee; Trustlaw International Company Limited.

Huong Son Deer Young Antler have been granted the collective trademark registration certificate in 2009 by the National Office of Intellectual Property (Ministry of Science and Technology). Since then, the deer herd has been managed and developed in both the scale and number. However, recently, the price of the product has dropped and not stable … One of the reasons is that the brand of this product has not been developed and extensively promoted in the market; the product has not been known for its specific origin that is characterized by special factors of climatic conditions, soil, vegetation, food, breeding stock, breeding process … Besides, fake Huong Son Deer Young Antler products in the market effect discrediting and causing distrust for consumers. Therefore, the current urgent need for the product is to identify its special origin, geographical indication, climate and long-term livestock practices in order to determine its position in the domestic and foreign markets, enhance the competitive advantage, promote the development of rare and valuable products. To implement these contents, it is necessary to establish Geographical Indication for Huong Son Deer Young Antler. At the meeting, the leaders of the Department and the District agreed on the viewpoints, the contents to be implemented and the responsibilities assigned to the specialized chambers of the Department and the District to coordinate and implement in the shortest time.
Ha Tinh Department of Science and Technology